About Me

Hello all, Alex here. I've decided to start a new blog. This time around I have a better understanding of the internet and the whole point of blogging in the first place. To do it for yourself. This is exactly what I'm doing. With less then a year left in school it's time to start a new journey in life. The question now is where exactly will life take me? One thing for sure is that I will always have a love for self expression through clothing. So, let me PREACH to you what everyone else on the internet already has. I only hope this leads to inspiring others. 
I decided to embrace the fact that every teacher out there has butchered my last name. They must have known all along. So instead of correcting you and saying "Peacher, Not Preacher" I'll be embracing the fact that PREACHing the ways of fashion may be the only way I survive from a day to day basis. 

For the past year I have interned with College Fashionista as a Style Guru and have attended Teen Vogue Fashion University in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. 

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