Monday, July 8, 2013

Fresh from the Start

Overalls/Zara, T shirt/ Express, Floral Bra/Zara, Necklace C/O my roommate, Sandals, Lorenzo Chelini
Photos by my sister 

Welp, here goes post number one! I'm super excited about starting this new project and seeing where it takes me. This blog is for me. To start something fresh, to stay on track and see my progress. Lots has changed in my life lately and I want to be able to document as much as I can. 
For starters, when I bought the shirt I'm wearing now, I didn't even try it on, or notice the giant slits in the sleeves! It was very out of character for me to buy something on impulse. This led to my trying it on at home and being extremely disappointed with the cut and shape of the shirt when worn alone. Thus it sat alone in my closet for a good three months before I finally wore it here! I found this amazing pair of overalls at Zara when I was visiting Austin with friends. I fell in love with the unique color and shape of the garment. 
I don't know why I didn't bother to stand up for the photos... the outfit probably would have been much more flattering. 


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