Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fashionable Friends

I want to use this blog to also show off how awesome my friends tend to dress as well! I have amazing friends and look up to many of them for inspiration and role models. This also includes my co workers whom I consider some of my closest friends simply because I see them the majority of the week. 
I love that fashion is always evolving and one trend can go from white trash to high fashion in a season. Working at Zumiez has exposed to me many more street brands that are slowly trickling into to high fashion scene. Eva Chen sports Diamond Supply hats white relocating to LA for the summer and Chiara from the Blonde Salad wears Stussy tees. I on the other hand absolutely love mixing casual shirts with pencil skirts. It keeps me true to my tomboy roots. 

Here is Stache. While he may not have an actual mustache, "because the ladies tend to prefer me with out it", it is what he had gone by since the day he hopped on a skateboard. While he may deny it, Stache is a clothes whore, and while I may have more clothes then him he is extremely picky with the style and fit of his button downs and the inseam and stretch of his denim. While he may not wear fitted suits and brogues he appreciates outfit coordination and understands how to put things together with out looking like a "douche." 

He wears a Nixon watch, Huf socks, Rebel 8 shirts, Krew pants, Supras and Ray Ban sunnies. 

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