Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

Top/Mail Chimp, Trousers/ Forever 21, Belt/Betsey Johnson, Bag/Vintage Gucci, Loafers/ Thrifted 

One thing you may start to notice while looking through pictures of me would be that my hair is forever changing. I used to be so attached and afraid of doing anything bold with my hair. Thats forever changed. I love having colors in my hair, it suits my personality and is a reminder to never take myself too seriously in any situation. 
I'm a manager at a retail store called Zumiez and while there isn't a dress code per say.. I am limited on what I can and can't wear... or say SHOULD wear. AKA NO SKIRTS OR DRESSES. I just hate wearing leggings under skirts and dresses so they are a no go. Leggings by themselves on the other hand, now thats more like it. I try to mix up pieces in order to still be comfortable and somewhat fashionable at work. This job has really brought out my tom boy side that I've missed. I'm hoping to expand on that and mature my style within the next year.. I mean shit. I am turning 23 in October.... 

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